Friday, March 18, 2011


TODAY BOTH ENDS OF THE RIVER WERE BEING COVERED. John and his group were down river - "pulling people out" - helping villagers, by sharing food and their time. They ended their day working with our dear friends at the Home for Disabled Men in Iskra. We were up river - "working to keep people from being tossed into the river" - working with young persons we are coaching this morning and afternoon. We then headed to Bishkek to meet with the Director of the Child Rights Protection Agency to talk about getting things moving here in the area of child welfare - to see A WORLD WITHOUT ORPHANS.

We completely planned a conference today - to be held in May. This conference will draw attention to the plight of the orphan and hopefully put additional ideas into the minds of the leadership here in Kyrygzstan in how to divert children from the orphanages. Remember we have over 60 babies/childen now who are waiting to go home to their adopted parents. Yet things have NOW BEEN STOPPED FOR OVER TWO YEARS. And the orphanages have increased here by 100% since 1991.

Working up RIVER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND DOWNRIVER TO GIVE HOPE TO THE HOPELESS. The meeting was very encouraging - watch for some additional news about this meeting very soon.

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