Wednesday, March 30, 2011


TODAY WAS A MOMENT WE HAVE BEEN LONG WAITING FOR. Training with the staff we have in Kyrgyzstan. And not only was there training for them - it was the FIRST EVER TRAINING TO BE CONDUCTED AT DAYSPRING.

Think about this - not only are we getting ready to open for the children on April 12 - we are now ready to open for training - and who will we be training?

1. Children from Dayspring and a local small orphanage.
2. Crisis Families
3. Prospective adoptive parents
4. Church leaders
5. Social workers
6. Government leaders
7. And MORE.....

The children will use this room for life skills, crafts, art projects, teaching and training moments. And we will watch this pilot process (cannot call it a project anymore) make a difference for the families and lives of children in Tokmok and maybe, just maybe for the children of Krygyzstan as a model process to get children into families.

We pray for this - with all our hearts. AND - we thank Jayne for taking this lead and bringing the Kyrgyzstan LAMb staff together for this moment in time - soon to be a very historic time for all of us who have been waiting for DAYSPRING FAMILY LIFE RESOURCE CENTER TO OPEN.

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