Friday, March 18, 2011


ROOM DIVIDED AND NOW THEY HAVE THE BEGINNING OF A CLINIC: Cola, the husband to the director of the Kemin Senior home did the work himself and he is so pleased and proud. When we were there on Wednesday, he was smiling from ear to ear to show us his work.

The seniors are not permitted to live in co-ed rooms. Therefore they were illegal for a time, as this one big room housed both men and women. The room is now divided and ready for the use Tanya the director needs. One side for men, one side for women or those persons with illness that should be isolated for a time. AND now they have the makings for their clinic room.

Tuesday, Lynn is going with Tanya to pick out the wallpaper for the rooms. Adding a little beauty to their lives.

All this for them - and donated by a wonderful couple who dearly love our seniors. Tks, C and D for loving them!

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