Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Today we spent the day in Bishkek - and the first and most important stop was to see the lawyer about the final documents required before Dayspring registry would be completed. We needed this final step in order to bring children into the home. TODAY IT IS DONE - THERE IS NO MORE TO DO TO COMPLETE THE REGISTRY - IT IS DONE AND WE ARE READY TO BRING IN THE FINAL ITEMS NEEDED FOR THE CHILDREN! THIS IS AMAZING NEWS.

The lawyer confirmed we were ready to GO. There is nothing stopping us now. We purchased additional items needed after leaving the lawyers and delivered them back at Dayspring on the way home. We now have just completed the purchase of 6 tables for the Multi-Purpose room, an easel, cupboards for the Multi purpose room, chairs, clothing wardrobes for all the bedrooms, supplimentary heating units for two large rooms that were cold this winter - and the deliveries have started.

We will soon be looking for sponsors for each of the children - this might really excite you - you will be kept up to date on your child, get letters from your child and be able to communicate with your child. We are really thrilled by this.

Tonight has been a full cooking night - cooking beef for a GIANT pot of beef vegetable soup for our seniors. Made a GIANT slaw salad and the rest gets made tomorrow morning. 20 liters of soup in hand and away we go with the Wrights and the Snarrs to see our dear seniors.

Yesterday we picked up about 30 bags of crafts made by children of an orphanage in Bishkek. We purchased them (one of our sponsors is purchasing them) to take home to conduct a Fundraising Event at the Kempenfest on the shores of Lake Simcoe this August. Stay tuned for those details - BELIEVE ME YOU WILL WANT SOME OF THESE ITEMS, THEY ARE AWESOME.

Tomorrow night we are doing a couples seminar at a local gathering - about 25 couples expected and lots of sharing to be done. Thursday is a full day - meeting with Dayspring staff: How to Bring a Child Into the Home and How to Do Initial Needs Assessments. Then in the afternoon - meeting with a group of young adults who are the next stream of leadership for Mercy Foundation - the Christian oranization we work closely with here. Evening - back to another gathering - meeting with a group of youth - Choosing Friends and Building Relationships.


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