Sunday, March 13, 2011


THE ART CONTINUES: You never know if things will be sustained after you leave from here, but our hope is fulfilled as we enter the art room at Iskra, the home for disabled men in Iskra, Kyrgyzstan. The men were hard at work, nice pillow covers done and placed on the side of the room - piles of material in the room that is being used for making NEW SHEETS - thanks to a LAMb donor. The men were happy, eager to have us look at their work and so pleased to say thank you for all that has been done to bring dignity and hope back to the men of Iskra.

Emma Wright made a wonderful comment when she was working in Ukraine - she had gone out to the home for disabled men and women and was conducting some craft activities with them. She returned to Krivoy Rog to share her thoughts. "These men and women are just children in big bodies, they need this and it is so wonderful to see them have fun and enjoy making things."

Yes, Emma, it is not only fun, but it is THE RIGHT THING TO DO. EMMA, YOU ARE ONCE AGAIN A RIGHT/WRIGHT! We love you!

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Pamela Fruechting said...

That is some BEAUTIFUL work! I think you have hit on something that is so important that is ignored in American nursing homes...the need to be creative...God made us to want to create beauty. It's so important to be able to express oneself in some manner. So proud of you all! Do you see a change in demeanor and attitude since starting the art program? Blessings!

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