Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I've been on the go making the rounds today. One stop was at the baby hospital. Many of you will remember the story we posted on Melana Grace. You will be pleased to know she is doing well and in addition so are two other new born babies. I asked about her (Melana's health) and the doctor indicated she was very healthy and added the reason why she is doing well is because of the formula she is receiving. As we were leaving I was chatting with the head doctor and she was very gratful for the help that is being provided. She also asked if we could provide some diapers as well. Having disposable diapers saves the staff(overworked and underpaid) a great deal of time, especially on rainy days. The only way of drying cloth diapers is the old fashioned clothesline. It may be old fashioned, but on sunny days it is effective and economical. If you would like to help with diapers, just give the Canada Helps button a push and we will have your donation quickley.

As we were leaving I asked Natasha, "What about the other two babies? Is anyone providing for them?" I wasn't really surprised by her answer. We are she said. I guess I had been wondering how one small baby could eat so much formula. Now I understand - it's three small babies, not one. Thank you for the donations that keep the formula arriving and tomorrow we will add some diapers to the shopping list.

Above are two of the latest pictures(this am) that I took of Melana.

On another note, this week two caravans of medical and humanitarian aid are leaving Tokmok and heading for Osh. Many of you have read of the tribulations in that area. However, local churches and citizens have banded together and are reaching out with help. There is a much greater police presence on the roads and in and around this city now. People are seeing this as a good thing as order is being maintained, allowing peaceful citizens to resume their lives.

Stay tuned for further reports as I visit several of our ongoing projects this week.

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