Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Lynn loading up t-shirts to take to UKRAINE!

CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY - BARRIE OFFICE - conducts several fundraisers each year for research and for helping local persons who have been diagnosed with cancer. The person in charge of these activities (Joyce Mayne, fundraising coordinator) is dedicated and committed to the cause of relieving the suffering caused by cancer. Cancer has touched the lives of everyone in one way or another, friends, family, aquaintances. The Barrie Office could not do all that they do without the volunteers who give of their time, resources and energy.

Joyce and her daughter Cass!

Joyce, along with other members of her office have also been touched by the work being done in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan by LAMb International. The generosity and sharing continues from one charity to another. Today, once again LAMb is benefiting from their generous offer to give us their left over brand new t-shirts from their Relay for Life activities. These new t-shirts have been received by many in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, both children and adults.

SO, WHO GETS THE NEW DUDS THIS TIME? We are packing two large hockey bags full of t-shirts and they are going to Ukraine - they will be passed out at BARI UGLI, a residence for over 200 men and women who are moderately to severely disabled. We have been able to bless these wonderful people many times in the past - with food, cooking equipment, shoes, clothing and other needed items. Ruby will be in Kiev and Krivoy Rog while in Ukraine. Since Altanai, Iparie could not get permission to come to Canada (they are our little Kyrgyzstan) friends, Emma Wright, and the girls decided to stay in Ukraine and work in the orphanages there for the summer. Seems right somehow - three girls who serve in Kyrgyzstan - now coming to Ukraine to serve there - sharing their love and joy with others in another part of the world. Just the missionary journey of three dear girls. I can only imagine the impact this will make on them and their work back in Kyrgyzstan.

SO RUBY WILL STAY IN UKRAINE AND LYNN WILL FLY ON TO KYRGYZSTAN. We know there is much pain and suffering right now in Kyrgyzstan and Lynn will make the rounds to all our friends and projects; the senior home, the disabled home, Jessica's family, baby orphanage, baby hospital, city hospital, and a big list of others. They need to know they have not nor will be forgotten. His time in Kyrgyzstan will also be the start of our new project - yet to be fully announced (yet will be soon). Lynn will be doing food drops, helping where possible to get aide to the South of KG and doing what he can to relieve some of the suffering. After - he will return to Ukriane to fly home from there.

WE RETURN TO CANADA together to pack and move, as we have sold our home and will move into a Condo. Downsizing again - renting instead of putting ourselves in "bondage" to a home. We are seldom in our present home and we want to be available more and more to Eastern Europe and Central Asia or wherever God should take us.

FINALLY - if you would like to join us in our work, there are many ways. Click the donate button, join one of our teams, or commit to becoming one of our prayer partners. We need you to continue.


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Help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save live"!

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