Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We have been very busy getting ready to head to Ukraine this month. Our teams on the ground in both Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine are working hard to keep things moving and meeting needs. Our next journal is full of summary of the past months and the journal which will follow that will be full of what is ahead. We have a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT COMING - KEEP WATCHING. IT IS AWESOME. If you are not on our journal list, let us know and we will add you to the email list. This blog is not the journal.

For now, we want to let you know just a few details of what is happening:

1. We have our project with the Home for Disabled Men up and running. Zamir, our new Art Director is busy getting the men to do all kinds of art projectS. Keep tuned to see some of their work soon. And you might be able to purchase some of the art - which will keep the men inspired and bring the more supplies.

2. Our project with Kemin is blossoming. We are wanting to put the rest of the heating system in - the upstairs can be heated for just $2500. They have a great system on the first floor, thanks to one of our donors from Ohio and our partners Possibilities International from Canada. Cool, an International partnership!

3. The Humanitarian University is going to be seeing a great change as we help them implement a full year specialization for their social work students - studying child and family services. We have some fabulous team members: Eileen Lally from Alaska and Chris Tappan from New Hampshire who will be joining us in September to start this much needed project. In addition we just might be able to include on our team a Professor from Tomsk State University (Russia) to help us. She is familiar all our translated materials and has implemented them into the university in Russia.

4. Jayne and David are in New Zealand sharing at a conference! They have become quite the world travelers. Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Poland and now New Zealand.

5. Our Babies Bound for Blessings project is in full swing. We have sent several babies to the hospital for tests and surgeries.

6. Little baby Melana Grace - the baby Ruby named is doing well and we have a sponsor for her to meet her needs. Praise Him!

7. Training in Ukraine with ILDC is under full swing and is showing signs of self-sufficiency! We have an amazing team in Ukraine. We get reports again and again about the requests for their services. We are very proud of the hard work this team puts out for the activating and equipping of others. We will be joining them in just two weeks.

8. We have to potential to bring a team from Alaska who are experts in Developmental Disabilities. They would be working with us at the Home for Disabled men! We are very excited about this MD and Nurse who know how to make a difference!

9. And our friend and doctor partner in Atlanta - is interested in serving once again in Kyrgyzstan. Watch the difference she can make in helping childen be safe. She has some great ideas and plans to share with those in need in KG.

Well, that is a little update. WE COULD WRITE A BOOK OF JUST THE LAST THREE MONTHS....

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