Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today I travelled to a number of our projects, stopping by to leave some fruit and let the folks know we still care. Our first stop was in Iskra, at the Home for Disabled men. There are about 260 adult men in a residence that is under great improvement. Under the supervision of a new director, I have seen renovations started and ongoing, new mattresses and the men encouraged to paint and wallpaper as they continue to improve their living conditions. I saw their new library, which still needs more book shelves, a new common room,which still needs furniture and a TV, a newly renovation washroom and halls that have been painted and wallpapered. Of course there is still a great deal to do. They need additional furniture, floor coverings, clothing, bedding paint and wallpaper. Today we left 11 cases of peaches, four cases of plums and 10 gallons of raspberries. I wish you could have seen the smiles.

Another stop was at the seniors home in Kemin. They now have 17 in residence, that's up from 12. Again, we left peaches, plums and raspberries. Lots of smiles. Tanya, the director, is doing a great job. Their surroundings are now quite satisfactory and they are looking for more crafts, like paint by number kits, and yarn. Tanya's main concern is for the fall when it starts to cool down because the price of coal has increased dramatically. I told her we would be back in late September and by then I believe we will have one or more donors who will supply their need for winter coal.

Also you will see in the one picture a supply of aspirin, tylenol and vitamins that I will be delivering on Sunday to the group of men from Somalia that are 'captive' in the transit zone of the Moscow airport. Thanks John and Christa.

And thanks to each of you who are continually faithful in supporting these outreaches. If you would like to help provide these resources, simply use the Canada Helps button and select the area where you would like to share. Thanks.

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