Sunday, June 27, 2010


Joy can come in many packages. The men of Iskra Home for the Disabled were just estatic at the new table covers we brought for them. They helped cut and place the covers. What simple gestures can bring such JOY!

RUBY IS IN UKRAINE - This will be an awesome week here at Father's House. I will work two days with leadership from around Kiev. These Ukrainian leaders are working together with an NGO - Every Child who is committed to helping them become "gatekeepers." A "gatekeeper" watches the gates to the doors of the orphanages and does whatever they can to keep children out of the orphanages and get into families. We are proud to work with them. We have been providing training - developed by the Institute for Human Services in Ohio. IHS is a nationally recognized child welfare organization that excells in training and consultation. We are honored to be part of this project with both IHS and Every Child.

Second training event will be two days of working with the leadership of the different offices who are responsible for placing children. Helping them understand their leadership role and the skills needed to be effective in those roles.

Also, I have several meetings here and will work to plan for future activites to strengthen families and protect children.

Finally, I will travel to Krivoy Rog to meet with Pastor Gregory and his wife, take clothing for the Home for the Disabled, pass over a net book computer to Emma Wright and share with our friends and partners in the city.

All this is a short time in Ukraine to plan for a LONG time.

LYNN REACHES KYRGYSTAN ON MONDAY - Lynn too will be in Kyrgyzstan for a short time to plan for a LONG time. He has many different goals for his short time there. He will see all our projects and take needed items and encouragement for them in their time of pain and suffereing. He will get our new project organized and started with the local church whom we are parterning with. And he will meet with key persons to ensure we are all working together in the same direction with the same goals and objectives for children, families and the seniors. Again he is there for a shor time to plan for a LONG time.

THE LONG TIME? Well, as we reported we sold our home - which will free us up greatly. We will have a turnkey condo and will be ready to go whenever, whereever God calls. We anticipate LONG periods in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Each time we remove a responsibility here, or gain a new sponsor for over there - we get closer to being there longer and longer. Pray with us for freedom to serve Him in a much concentrated way in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

We thank you for all you have done for us - we cherish your prayers, financial support, encouragement and interest in our work.

Lynn and Ruby

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