Monday, April 3, 2017


how about a COUPLE of updates

1.  Annya and her family
We have visited Annya and her family a number of times over the last three weeks.  She and her brothers are doing well.  Her are some great updates:
  • Mother has been taking classes to learn to cut hair.  This is amazing - as it will give her income to provide for the family.
  • Someone gave the family a cow - and they had no way to continue feeding it, etc.  So mom sold the cow and hid the money from her husband who is an alcoholic.  She was able to keep electricity and gas in the house all winter with this money and proudly says she still has some hidden to help with their needs.
  • We took a bunk bed to the home - and at this time dad was sober and worked hard to help put the bed together for the children!
  • Annya quietly asked us if we could purchase her a bike.  We had a donor come forth for this and she now has a bike.  We sat with her and made some suggestions on caring for her bike:
    • don't leave it in the rain
    • bring it in to safety each night so it does not get stolen
    • lock it up when mom says it needs to be locked up, so it does not get sold for alcohol
    • keep it nice and clean
    • and we will check to see you are taking good care of this new bike
    • still getting chance to teach LIFE SKILLS to our little one
  • Proud to say the bike is in great shape and is "living" in the entrance section of the house each night and during rains!!!

Delivery of the new bunk bed for the children.

Dad hard at work putting bed together.

The bike lives here in the entry of the home.

2. Dasha and her family
The family is doing well.  They continue to thrive in spite of obstacles:
  • Joyce the cow is a GREAT milk producer - they need a cream separator now to make sour cream and cottage cheese.  Unfortunately her calf did not survive.  So we are looking at the purchase of an unweaned calf they can raise.  This would not cost a lot and would give the family a little calf to nurture and love.
  • Adoption Court challenges are finally completely over - after a judge put the final adoption on stamp for several months  - making unreasonable demands.  Then due to a "legal person" accidentally? falling on the ground in front of adoptive mom  - a new judge was appointed and heard the third hearing and this judge completed everything and a GREAT BIG YES!  Final stamp get affixed on April 10Th!
  • Mom has about 10 students in her prep school.  This is going well and looks to be a great potential for income in the future.  We will fund the school for one more year, and re-evaluate after this second year.

3.  Dema - reunification with mother
The story with Dema and his mother is a miracle story.  Dema was separated from his mother, lived in an orphanage, went to live with an uncle (who was abusive) and then came to us at Jeremiah House at the age of 16. Dema had not had an education past grade 6.  His story is a difficult one and belongs to him, so we will not share it here.  

He is an amazing young man - now 18 years of age.  Very hard worker and is also attempting to complete his grade 9 classes - through off campus learning.  In the last couple of months he has wanted to try living independently and we agreed to allow him to move into a dorm for a few months and try this - later to move to the steps apartment.  He was excited to be making this step forward. He acquired a job at a pig farm and would be making enough money to pay his dorm rental fees and food costs.  We were preparing for this to take place this week.  THEN THE REST OF THE STORY....

Dema was walking and a women was standing alone - head down and Dema stopped to speak to her.  She lifted her head and he gasped.  It was his mother!  He said - "MOM", she said, "DEMA".  A miracle.  

She had been living in Bishkek and just felt a nudge on March 30th to come to Tokmok and look for her son.  On this day, she felt a nudge to be where she was and wait.  YES, THIS IS A MIRACLE...AND THE STORY CONTINUES.

Dema had met a woman at the dorm when he checked the dorm.  She had a house and hearing Dema's reunification story offered to rent the home to Dema and his mother.  They are moved in and oh what a joy in the morning....fields of blessings and hope.  YES THIS IS A MIRACLE.

After 5 years not seeing her son, Dema not seeing his mother - they meet on a side street in Tokmok, to be reunited.  Two people wanting to see the other - no one knowing where the other was.  God is GOOD.

Dema and his Mother

Taking Dema and mom some supplies


More updates later...

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