Tuesday, April 4, 2017



We have been serving here in Tokmok since 2006 - and have seen many youth move back into families, several be adopted and many completing technical schools and other education programs.

We have worked with very young children, older children, adults, homeless seniors, disabled adults and older orphans.  Over the last year we have been praying about what was stirring in us to focus more specifically on the older orphans that seem to be forgotten.  And just prior to coming to Kyrgyzstan in March, we finally made the decision to make the change.

So, you will be seeing a series of updates from us that will be showing our focus and commitment to the older youth/orphans.  

Change #1:  The use of our Dayspring House has changed to focus on prevention and the work with Crisis Families - we will still be using the training facility as previously used.  However we have a partner ministry working with us and they will manage and build the Crisis Family program.  We have renamed the house to - AVDII HOUSE - the place where miracles begin.  

Change #2:  The Drop in Center will become our BOYS STEP APARTMENT  - know known as Dayspring Steps.  It will also house our LAMb office.  We will have two boys moving to Dayspring Steps as soon as University is over this year.  The boys going there have been with us for several years at Jeremiah House.

Change #3:  The former steps apartment will now be known as Jeremiah Steps.  This renaming just helps us to keep clear about where we are going and what we are doing.  Jeremiah Steps will receive girls and two will be moving there as soon as University is out this spring.

Change #4:  Jeremiah House now has our former Dayspring girls.  

Change #5:  We will be praying for a Jeremiah House #2 for boys.

Change #6:  Eagles' Nest is under major renovation.  We will be adding a brand new roof in May/June and lots more renovations over the summer.  Planting is well on the way.  Yards are being cleared, and work is ahead - LOTS OF WORK

Change #7:  Job descriptions are changing for our team.  We are very excited about the changes and cannot waity to see the results.

Finally - it appears we will be receiving another girl from the orphanage after orphanage graduation and she will go to Jeremiah House - she is 15 years old and really needs a family to live with.  We are thrilled she will be joining Sveta and Jenya.

Continues - Life SKills at three public orphanages - plus with our older youth.  And mentoring will increase for our older youth and other youth not in our program but part of our Life Skills.


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