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We are ever so aware of the Grace and Mercy of our Heavenly Father and we see it everyday here in this land of wonder.  Among the pain and suffering you see the hope and the blessings that make your heart jump for joy and gratitude.  One reminder is this flowing water pipe at the mountain rehabilitation center.

The water of this pipe - so fresh and so abundant.  When Vadim and Natasha returned from Africa to their home where they are raising 17 little children - they bowed down and cried at the flow of such a treasure.  Before Africa, they thought they had things a little rough - and when they returned all they saw were the treasures around them.  Their story is amazing.  

They gathered enough funds to go to the USA for the purpose of fund-raising.   They needed funds for their program.  However, the application for USA visa's were denied.  What to do?

They shared their story with Gennadiy from Ukraine - a person they had been corresponding with via email, etc.  Gennadiy is instrumental in Ukraine Without Orphans program and was preparing to head to Africa to launch interest and vision there - he invited Natasha and Vadim to join him and use their funds for helping him in Africa.  (Take money to raise money or use money to help?)  They went to Africa and were forever changed.  Upon their return, the floodgates opened for resources for them.  They see clearly that by serving God's Grace and Mercy was poured out on them.

Working with them will be a treasure for us as well - as we learn from one another and grow together to bring Kyrgyzstan to embrace the idea of Kyrgyzstan Without Orphans.

Today with Hymonot and family....

Loving the time with this precious family.

Just a perfect day for Ruby and Samuel to be playing in a bowl of water.

And Hymonot served us the most amazing Ethiopian lunch along with one of the
best cups of coffee we have ever had...pure Ethiopian coffee made the Ethiopian way!

Yet, the best part of the visit is the story.  Hymonot and his family of five children have lived in a studio apartment for years - always dreaming of bigger space some day.  Several months ago our dear friend and wife Denara were dreaming and praying - praying and dreaming.  When his church called him in for a meeting.  They needed to tell him something.  Seems the church inherited a house and the board of elders decided unanimously that Hymonot and his family should be living there - Grace and Mercy abounds.  

A yard for a garden, four rooms, on a street that has a dead end and they are the last house....quiet, peaceful and oh so wonderful for our dear friends.

Today's updates.....

  • Lynn conducted part one of a two part training at the local church..."Helping Relationships"
  • Jenia (our 21 year old Jeremiah youth) - had tests at the hospital for his heart condition  which is "a leaky valve" - came to see Dr. Tatiana and got new meds, a recommendation for his activity.  
  • Ruslan - the burns are being attended to each day and they are still hoping they will not have to do the skin graphs.  We continue to provide the medications for him.  Thank you sponsor!
  • Galya - her burns are improving - each day they are seeing progress.  We continue to provide the medications for her as well.  Thank you sponsor.

Windows and door went in today at the Jeremiah Steps Apartment - thank you sponsor!
Windows out!

Door off!

The mess begins.

Kitchen window out!

Main room window going in!

Door going on!
Lights purchased - five lights.  Kitchen, Bathroom, Main Room and Hall.
That's all the rooms there are in this Studio Apartment!
Window in!

Window in!

Guess this needs a little work too!
We have been waiting for a long time for this apartment - and we have been blessed to see the results.  More about this as time goes on.  

NOW, we need to complete the renovations to be able to use this.  We need about $4,800 total to finish the job.  New kitchen, new bathroom and furnishings for the main room.   The wall paper is great and we won't be replacing that - need to do the floors, get appliances, bathroom items and furniture.  

You can be part of Jeremiah Project too!  Join our team - consider donating for the project.  We will post specifics tomorrow.

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