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Yesterday,  I got a phone call from the local social worker, that they found a girl on the street, she was lost, and about 5-6 years old, said she had been well taken care off. Can we take her for overnight, cause they have to figure out where her parents are, and so on, in my mind there was a picture of a little girl, who may be really got lost in the city in the evening, and can't find her way home, so I agreed to take her overnight. 

Then we are getting a phone call from Emma who was at Dayspring at the time, that the girl arrived, and her head is full of lice, I asked her not to take off the hat from her head and wait for us. We came home in about 30 minutes, and my picture was totaly different from the report from the social worker and how she presented the child.

I saw a girl who is around 10 or 11 years old, and yes she speaks like 5 or 4 years old, I don't think though that she is slow,  she just does not know the words.   Well I treated her hair, washed her, she had so many lice that my hands were shaking, I never saw that many. I changed her clothes, praise God I had some extra clothes for her.  I boiled all of her clothes. She was very hungry so I prepared some food for her, I moved Dasha to Kristina and Snezhana's room, and placed new girl (her name is also Dasha) in Dasha's room. She went to sleep pretty fast.
I couldn't go to sleep for a while though. First I was mad, because they  just made this story look so different. But then I prayed and thought. They also probably just did not know what to do also, the police found the girl, but she couldn't stay in the police department, the hospitals would not take her that late (which is crazy by my opinion), so what could the worker do? Take her to her home, where she has only two rooms and her own child, She is suppose to be on vacation for a month but all two weeks they would not let her rest, call her constantly, and even yestrday she had to go, and on Monday she will be at work cause the other social worker left to the sick leave, and all of this for the salary of 50$ per month. 

So after all this thoughts I was not mad any more.

But I called the mayor's office with the request to place the girl in the hospital in the morning, cause one thing if a child was lost, but it was a home child, another thing is the child was found, and no one knows who is she, what diseases she might have, I just can't risk with the kids at home.

May be half an hour ago Sivara came with her husband, and her kids in the car, to take Dasha (2), to the hospital. 

Just couple minutes ago I got the phone call from Sivara, Dasha is crying, screaming and running away from the nurses, so I think that I am heading there right now, may be she will calm down if she sees us.

Please pray, this is a prayer need. 
And please pray for our family, we are all having flue here.

REST OF THE STORY.  It was determined that the child was from another region and had run away. She was returned to the orphanage from where she had been living.  Our team gets many calls for help - find the pressure of being able to help overwhelming at times - who to say yes to and who to send on?  Is there a right answer?  Bottom line is to protect those who are already living at Dayspring.  Yet, the decision to have Dasha returned to her regions was a difficult one.  

Out team will go there to the region and check on her - help her in what ever ways they might to ensure that she is safe and well cared for there - where she has family.

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