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PREMISE:  KYRGYZSTANI Youth are ageing out of the orphanages and are being forced into situations of poverty, homelessness and crime.  Statistics for success are dim – as only 1/3 of the youth graduating from an orphanage find success as an adult.  They other 2/3 end up trafficked for sex trade, into drugs and alcohol, found having committed suicide or end up in prisons.  Most youth are NEVER heard from again once they leave the orphanage.  

This situation must be addressed and Jeremiah PROJECT is one small effort in helping youth who have been in an orphanage and part of our work while working in Kyrgyzstan - to be supported in those vulnerable years after orphanage graduation.  Since most youth are graduated at grade nine from the orphanage, they are too young to move successfully into adulthood.  We want to be there for those we can.  Therefore we have developed a project – called JEREMIAH PROJECT.

Vision – Jeremiah Project:  It is the vision of LAMb International that graduating orphans from Kyrgyzstan become successful contributing members of society.    We envision the youth having strong moral values, a living relationship with their heavenly Father and a desire to serve others just as they have been served.

Mission of Jeremiah Project:  The LAMb Team commit to developing a pilot project where we can demonstrate strategies, programs and activities which help youth become successful and achieve the vision of Jeremiah Project.  We will work with community leadership, churches, government offices and other NGO’s to further this project beyond the size and scope of just Jeremiah Project.

We see the project as a demonstration of what can be done to help youth through those vulnerable years after orphanage graduation. (We also believe this project can be replicated in other developing countries and intend to share the model with those wanting to develop a similar project.)

Jeremiah PROJECT has three separate parts to the program;
the Jeremiah Drop In Center,  
the Jeremiah House, and
the Jeremiah Steps apartments. 

Furniture being delivered at Jeremiah House
This will become the residence for Step 2 of the Jeremiah Project..
a place for youth who need that extra boost to help then past orphanage graduation.

This will be a place of teaching and training of critical Life Skills for youth.
Helping them with further education, getting a job and just becoming successful young adults.

Youth who find success with this program could possibly be moved to the "practice" apartments of Step 3 - Jeremiah Steps

Our delivery truck for the furniture delivery - (Like this one Steven? Steven sells these in Michigan
with his little business called Mish Trucks!))

The living room furniture - great deal - was on the floor for some time,
dusty but perfect for our little room!

Our living room at Jeremiah House - The wall were hand painted by the previous owner - a nice little addition to the culture of JH.

Staff bedroom - ready to go.  We have hired our "House Mentor".
She is from Bishkek, has a degree in pedagogy and has worked in a 
dorm in a specialized school in the capital. 

Delivery of the stove, washing machine and refrigerator!

The bathroom - with the washer set in.  

Set the stove and refrigerator in the bathroom as they will deliver and install the kitchen cabinets today...Monday.

Jeremiah House is a typical Kyrgyz home.  It is in fairly good shape, yet there are things that need to be done.  Here are the basic needs - maybe you want to sponsor something?

Bunk Beds Made - need four sets
Closets purchased for two bedrooms
Two overhead light fixtures
New Windows
Window blinds
Walls fixed and papered in two of the bedrooms
Floor in bathroom remade
Floor in kitchen fixed
A counter made for kitchen eating
Shelves and closet made for kitchen
Furnace relocated
Kitchen equipment
Linens - beds, towels, etc
Bed Mattresses



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