Saturday, December 22, 2012



A donor asked us to check with Dayspring about their needs and wants for a Christmas gift for the girls.  When we checked, knowing their tv is on and off constantly, we anticipated they would say a new tv.  No...they said, we need books.  We have no books and the girls need to read and know about things.  So, from the donation we have purchased our first delivery of books - we have Narnia series - Lord of the Rings series and so much more.  Costa and Olga want to read to the children and grow their love for learning.  

Just after the girls took the books and put them on the once empty shelves, they disappeared again and were very quiet.  We went upstairs to find them all in the room with the books, reading - see the pictures above.

A short time later, we invited the girls to a family meeting down stairs and discussed how we could use some of our Christmas funds to help others and they came up with several possibilities and selected three from the ideas:

1.  Do something special for the seniors at Kemin.!
2.  Help Anya's mother with something to improve her conditions  (her mother is working hard to improve her living conditions so she can get Anya back home.)
3.  Bring Genya's brother to our Christmas party on Tuesday.  (He is living at an orphanage near Bishkek)

Dayspring family thanks you all for your generous support and encouragement.  We have seen one little girl able to return home from Dayspring - Yulia.  We pray to see Anya return home too as we pray her mother continues her journey, she is trying really hard and is doing a good job.  

Today, Dasha's mother visited while we were there - she brought some gifts for Dasha, and her brother to visit.  It was a good visit and we were so pleased to see Dasha's mother feeling so at  home at Dayspring.  What a blessing.  Like the say in Spanish - My Home - Your Home.


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