Thursday, December 20, 2012


There is a person in our lives that blesses us so much - and we love him so much.  His name is Paul Johnston.  Each year he gives us so much more that we could ever give him.  He has not had the opportunities that others have had, he has lived at times lonely and separated from others because he looks different, talks different and doesn't blend into the norms.  He has heard hurting remarks, watched sneering stares, and even been pushed aside as being a "non" person.  Yet, we have sat for hours and he has shared his interests, his total recall of names of singers and their songs, movie stars and their movies.  Oh he is smart and yes, he is as well limited.  He was born with Downs Syndrome.

Please this Christmas - consider those who are less fortunate than you - those persons who are dismissed because they are different.  You just  might make the difference of a lifetime for this person by being willing to sacrifice just ONE ACT OF KINDNESS....

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