Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Our lovely "dumplings" here waiting for our teams return...imagine living in the dump?

We are winding down our time in Ohio - "tent" making. We have almost completed our time here and will be returning to Canada on Friday - getting things in order to head out again. March 5th we return to Kyrygzstan - however until then we have lots to do:

1. Continue the prep for our team from Ohio - getting them all ready to join us in April, 2011. This will the the grand opening of Dayspring. We are really excited about this. Children will soon be joining our family parents at DS and training of many will start - in our training room; families at risk, prospective adoptive parents, DS staff and of course children! Wahoo.

2. Prep for our team from New Hampshire and Georgia - they will be helping us with the work with the Bishkek Humanatarian University and with the International University of Central Asia. Watch for the details of the amazing work.

3. Preparing training materials for SOS Childen's Village - helping them care for the vulnerable children they care for.

4. Working with our team to develop the best way to teach/train those who want to work in their local churches in KG.

5. Gathering us hundreds of pounds of humanatarian goods to take with us, send with the teams to bring needed items to those who are waiting for what we can bring.

Well, that is all for now...are you interested in joining us? There is always room for one more!

The LAMb Team

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