Sunday, February 6, 2011


MANY TEAMS HAVE PASSED THROUGH THIS HOME AND have blessed our dear friends at Bari Oglie. Some of those teams have been ours and others too have brought teams.

When here in Ukraine a few days ago, we wanted to reconnect and bless them once again. Some time ago, the Church of Praise in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine got on board with helping the home. There is a woman, Ira who goes frequently to Bari Oglie and helps deliver aide, do crafts and bring worship to the group. She is their little "angel" and now has a team of church members helping her. Yes, the needs are great and her ability to help is limited to the support and encouragement she receives from others.

We did a little. When we asked what we could do, the needs were of course food, adult diapers, potties, and a rug for the front entrance. Your gift of finances was shared with her and she will meet the need as she can. We thank you - Bari Oglie thanks you!

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