Tuesday, February 1, 2011


RETURN TO THE BABY HOSPITAL in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine was both a sad and happy event. We were able to leave funds for them for feeding for the next five weeks. (Thank you for giving us this resource to do this!) Yet we found out they have not been feeding the children meat or milk for the last two years. This is devastating. This is a children's hospital, receiving children of all ages. Presently in the abandoned baby wing, there are four babies - two from a mother who just died of aids, another child abandoned because of being born with downs and another with a health issue.

They prepare a soup three times a day - it has either rice or buckwheat as a base, mixed with water and sometimes carrots or other vegetables they can get. They are attempting to feed the children on about 40cents per child a day. They would need about 20 kilos of meat each day to actually give them meat on a plate. To add meat to the soup, we could do this for about $10 per day.

Much has been done to help this hospital, we had a sponsor for two years to help in the feeding - but now need another. Would someone like to be a sponsor for even one year? or a month? a day? We would love to bring meat to the babies! and milk?

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