Monday, April 6, 2015



Yet so much pain.

The children of Kyrgyzstan are precious.  Dayspring family continues to thrive and we see the joy of a family in all they do.  There is laughter, conversations and even sharing and serving of one another.  Each girl knows she is loved and cared for.  They go to sleep each night understanding the love of their Heavenly Father and their "mom and dad" Kosta and Olga.

We see them working together, caring for their home, doing their studies and even making plans for their future - all together.  But, there are so many more - those who are quickly sent to an orphanage to a fate that is almost written in stone:  arrive at orphanage, become one of many, get a bed, a towel, a spot for a few belongings.  Line up - go to breakfast at appointed time, go to the school an orphan is given (sorry about it being of a quality different from others!), the same, the same, the same, day after day.

And is there a hope?  Not likely.  As each youth going into an orphanage has only one destination - graduate from the orphanage, potentially go to an inferior technical school and then  become a statistic out in the world. 1/3 of the orphans make it; 2/3 end up suiciding, being trafficked out of the country, addicted to drugs or alcohol, in prison, on the streets homeless or murdered.  2/3's of these precious little children are on the path of destruction and they don't have a clue.

We look at Dayspring and see the hope in the eyes of our girls.  We are joyful for the recent adoption of Yulia, the potential adoption of a second girl, the reunifications we have seen and the hope for permanency for each of our children.  But what about the rest?  Maybe the Dayspring foster homes will help, maybe other NGO's will get on the passionate path to find homes for orphans - MAYBE.  It pains us to live with MAYBE'S.  

So as we celebrate our growth, our future plans, we are saddened with the realities of the future of so many.  Lord, help us.

The LAMb Team

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