Saturday, April 4, 2015


No Easter Bonnets!
Just a new pair of jeans, a good shirt

And socks with no holes in them.
Jeremiah youth today shopped for some basic needs.  Oh, there was lots of joy and laughter as they worked their way through the market - finding things they needed.  A good pair of jeans, a new shirt and of course those socks!  Happy socks we told them!  To replace the ones that were full of holes.

We were also reminded of how shopping at Easter time for us used to be about dress-up, hats, lovely new clothing -  things we really did not need.  And when we see the choices today of the Jeremiah youth - we are humbled and reminded of a different focus and a different life.  We are reminded of NEED.

Appreciation for their new things.  A pizza party at the end of the day to celebrate being together and that we all just really like each other and are thankful for every blessing.  And celebrating hope - knowing that each child is a treasure, placed into our care to love, cherish and help them know the promise for them.  A promise of a future and a hope. They are the sons and daughters of the King of Kings.  And we are just honored to be here to serve them.

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