Saturday, April 11, 2015


upon leaving Kyrgyzstan
to there...the land of beautiful people and arriving here

"a little about the journey from there to here"

We take so much for granted.  We walk outside get in our cars and go anywhere we want – never thinking about who is watching our license plate, who is reporting on us or what we are doing that might cause problems for others.  We never worry about talking to someone as we walk.  We would be appalled if we had to be dropped off at church several blocks away – and often in different places in different days – just to walk into a church.

We would be so hurt if someone told us to leave the hotel in the morning and just start walking - we will find you and pick you up.

We never worry about sharing last names, or taking pictures of each other.  It is unheard of for us to not be able to share pictures of groups, fun activities or new friends we meet.   We would be shocked and likely enraged to go to a training and know you cannot get paper copies of anything because you never know who will show up in a short while and what the consequence will be.

We would be frustrated to have to take notes for a two or three day training – knowing there are handouts, written materials available for you – but you cannot, nor is anyone else able to make the copies for your use.  You just write all day.

We could find fear quickly when you are unsure who will look at your computer material, your smart phone pictures or your camera shots.  We would be shocked that is could be a huge problem if you had pictures of a group meeting – even a training.

Yes, we take our freedoms for granted.  We move about, talk and make decisions never to consider being watched, judged and potentially even consequence severely for an infraction.

So, for the love of children and for those who work in silence and tirelessly to make a difference, sacrificing so much to make it happen.  I salute you and yes, we will be back.

Driving to the border - a great stop for a sweet treat!

Treated so kindly - and with such humility!  Serving was such a blessing.
For the Children - For Families for Them
We Serve!

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