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The end of my time in Ukraine this week was to meet our ILDC trainers and discuss our role in the present situation and what our contribution is to bring healing and hope to individuals who suffer greatly in this present time of conflict.

These trainers have been our backbone for delivering strong training that helps those who minister to children and families - teaching best practices of parenting, child protection, trauma informed care, understanding child abuse and the impact on development, leadership, and so much more

Every child needs to know they are a treasure, that God has a plan for their lives and that they are called to be sons and daughters.  Our clients work tirelessly to bring the message of hope promised in Jeremiah 29:11.  Our trainers work tirelessly to bring knowledge and skills to equip our clients.

As we came together, we looked at the situation, the future of our efforts and we even took time and had lots of fun, fellowship and recommitment to 

Our trainers are heros!  
Our entire team at ILDC are champions!

We reviewed the following critical areas:
ILDC history and goals, trainer competence
and our responsibility as an ILDC trainer team to
Ukraine's leaders,
pastors, workers, and parents in the present crisis
Seated here are Alena, Oxana and Dr. Olga...execptional trainer with
high level qualification.  Alena has even served us in Kyrgyzstan - coming for one month
and conducting training for us at the Ministry of Social Protection.  Oxana is an expert
working in the leadership and management position within the Social Work
Field and Dr. Olga is considered one of our very best trainers due to her experience,
education and commitment to children and families.
Getting ready to start our work - waiting for the rest of the team
to arrive!
We had two moments of laughter and fun.  Vika, our ILDC manager of
Adopt Ukraine and Master Trainer is attempting to figure out
how to pass this orange on to the next person!  Vika is one of our
experienced trainers.  She is in demand across the country to train social workers,
NGO leaders, parents and those in the field working with crisis
families and vulnerable children.  Most recently she conducted
and awesome summer conference at a camp - teaching
and training foster and adoptive parents from across
the Dniper region.
And we were honored with the presence of Dr. Yulia and her daughter!
We have worked with her through her journey
from single - to married - to PhD - to now mother!
She is an energetic and passionate worker for the issues of vulnerable
children, orphans and crisis families!

As we see her personal growth and development, we are reminded of our call
to ...."activate and equip persons for the purpose of ministry...."
Ephesians 4:12-17

She is just one example of the excellence that is exhibited in our trainer team!

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