Friday, September 19, 2014



Exciting day - many challenged for the cause of the orphan - James 1:27!

Here is a little recap to show the day...
Team getting ready to begin - start of the day! 
Josh - heading to set up his video equipment - GREAT having him with us
all the way from Ohio! 
Just a reminder of the multi-cultural nature of our life in Kyrgyzstan - Russian,
English and Korean here! 
Kosta and Lynn getting ready to go.  Costa was the co-chair of the
Topic:  "The Heart of the Father for the Fatherless" 
David Hennessey - from Atlanta, Georgia - the Global Director of
Christian Alliance for Orphans.
Topic:  'Inspiring the Local Church for Orphans" 
Just getting started!  Friends in the front and ready to go.

Tri Budiardjo from Jarkarta, Indonesia - Director of Compassion International - Asia and
4/14 Window Global Movement

Anyura Ormonovo - Director of SF (Our Voice) - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Topic:  "Analysis of the Legal System for Orphans in Kyrgyzstan"

Even the rice was made like a heart!  What love and care went
into making the food!

Conference brochure in English.

Olga - did a workshop on Trauma.

Oleg did a workshop on Building Capacity.

Vadim Yashin - Founder of CCF - Kyrgyzstan
Topic:  "You are the Voice of Our Children"

Training over - just hanging out and getting ready for dinner.

And a surprise for Karen Spring - as today was her birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Oh and to add - have a wonderful and glorious year Karen!  You are awesome!

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