Saturday, July 26, 2014


Sacrificial Giving

Almost three years ago we approached Costa and Olga from Ukraine with a life changing question: 

 "Will you move to Kyrgyzstan as missionaries for LAMb, and grow a family of children who will not see the doors of an orphanage? We ask you to become their parents and our leaders in all the work of LAMb in Kyrgyzstan." 

And they said, YES.

Just a few years before, they had purchased their first house, had good jobs in Ukraine and a life of calm and promise.  But what is promise when you are being stirred to serve God in a most sacrificial way.  And they did not know what that meant.  So the question asked was their moment of truth.

In Kyrgyzstan, Costa and Olga have been faithful to the call along with their two children for over two years now.  They are parents to our family of little girls - all rescued from lives of abuse, neglect and abandonment.  They are mentors and guides to our older youth who have faced the realities of leaving an orphanage with no one or no where to go.  They have shared knowledge with others struggling to work with children from a hard place.  And they have made the land of mountains, yurts, and poverty their home.

God has blessed Kyrgyzstan, Dayspring, Jeremiah House and us by raising up Costa and Olga as a family who is ready, willing and eager to serve matter the cost.  

YOU, our supporters have invested into their lives - but more importantly you have been the catalyst for them to invest into the lives of 
  • a little girl that was rescued from the cement floor of an abandoned building, 
  • a child who was sold to work in a field, 
  • a young man who had been tossed to and fro from person to person never knowing where he would live, 
  • a young woman who lost everything and every family member to death, 
  • a child who had been sexually abused and neglected, 
  • a little girl who was not allowed to attend school and was dragged from pillar to post by an alcoholic mother, 
  • a child that had been charged wrongfully by police and taken to jail and beaten, 
  • a young woman who was discharged from an orphanage because they were too full
  • a little girl whose mother abandoned her to go to another country
  • a little girl who was found in squalor and filth and never knowing when the next meal would come
  • a young girl that was promised many things - led astray by others - and left alone
  • an orphanage graduate who had dreams and yet no one to encourage her and no where to go for help
  • an orphanage child that no one took the time to see she had family she could live with
  • a family that wanted desperately to have their three children out of the orphanage and home with them where just a little help could make this happen
  • an orphanage where children are deemed disabled and without hope - heading to the adult disabled home 
  • senior women and men who are sheltered in a safe place, yet have few persons who spend time with them - and build relationships with them
AND so many and much more.  We cannot do the work God has called us to do without your support.  We know the fields are ready for the harvest - and the labourers are few.  Yet, our team has heard the call and they have said, SEND ME, SEND ME.

Marching forward - carrying the passion to serve - thanking you for your much needed support and not forgetting!

The LAMb Team
Video by Costa..

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