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So often we receive calls from parents - adoptive and foster parents - asking for help in working with their children whom have experienced difficult life situations and have come from a hard place.  You might ask, "What is a HARD PLACE?"  

All children who have been adopted or come to us as a foster child, come from loss - separation from their birth families.  Many come out of abuse, neglect and abandonment.  Some have experienced years of disappointments, rejection and even total humiliation.  We cannot know or even fully understand what a "hard place" might have been like for our child.  Yet, when we become the parent, the lover of their hearts, we have a responsibility to a journey of helping our child heal.

Becoming a healing, helping parent is not an easy journey.  No one taught us how to do this, no one is walking beside us in the darkness of confusion, sadness and grieving for the depth of hurt inside our little one.  Our hope is sometimes so weak we don't even know if we can go on.  

Yet there is hope.  Our first hope is in Him - the comforter and healer of all hurts.  And He has given us words of healing, along with knowledge that can make a difference.  

We at LAMb are committed to carrying forth the message of healing.   We offer you solid training and support through teaching and coaching.  Trauma training is a critical foundation to helping a child.  We as caregivers and parents must know and understand trauma, the impact it has on brain development and the impact on the whole child.  We need to know what strategies help and which strategies hurt.  

In our role as a ministry to share and help, we have a series of modules for helping.  We want to keep you informed and open the doors to you for these modules.  God has a plan for your family - and just as Jeremiah 29:11  "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." NIV,
as this speaks to you as a parent and as a family.  God's plan is one of a hope and a future - not to harm you or your family.  

Contact us if this series is one that might be used as a tool in moving forward your ministry, families or even you as an individual.  LAMb is committed to equipping and activating those persons for the purpose of ministry...Ephesians 4:12-17.

THE SERIES... (Soon to be offered in Ontario, Canada - Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Mongolia, India, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Africa)


  • Module 1:  Becoming a Trauma Informed Caregiver/Worker/Parent – 3 days
  • Module 2:  Adolescents and Psychological Trauma - 3 days
  • Module 3:  Sensory Integration for Children Who Have Suffered Psychological Trauma – 2 days
  • Module 4:  Compassion Fatigue/Secondary Trauma of the Caregiver/Worker – 2 days
  • Module 5:  Building a Trauma Informed Program for Foster and/or Adoptive Parents and Professionals (2 days)
  • Module 6: Helping A Psychologically Traumatized Child Learn to Regulate their Emotions – 1 day
  • Module 7:  Creating Nurture Groups for Traumatized Children – 1 day

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