Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Time
Does not Stop the Needs
Jeremiah Drop In Center 
Serving Youth and Families

Jeremiah Drop In Center has been busy with our team working to bring in vulnerable youth and crisis families and serving them in numerous ways. 

Katya and Andre have been serving families in the drop in center – a place of caring, taking, praying, and even doing laundry for families needing a little help!

On September 6th we will continue serving Crisis families by conducting another training session on parenting skills.  This will be held at Dayspring and Olga will conduct the training. 

Every person has the right to know they are precious in His sight.  Every person is called to be a son or daughter of the Most High God.

Other news:
  • Praise - Vika completed her schooling for conducting Nail Services.
  • Praise of the 10 reunifications of children/youth to rejoin with families.
  • Pray for adoptive homes for two Dayspring girls.
  • Please pray for Lubov from Dayspring - she has had difficulties with her health and they have suggested she has had several heart attacks.
  • Pray for the new youth waiting to join our Jeremiah House family.
  • Please pray for our most recent reunification of two Jeremiah Youth - Slavik and Vika with a brother in Bishkek.  A brother who is committed to helping his siblings.  We will follow this placement with our Jeremiah Project team.  Praying for good reports.

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