Sunday, May 11, 2014



It all started a few weeks earlier when we could see the children were just playing in the driveway outside of our apartment.  Yet, mom would come out and "squat" to watch the children play.  So little to play with.  We watched as one couple planted two little trees close to where the children were playing and then the idea struck.  Let's make a playground for our neighbour kids - no more dirt only and driveway only play.

Call Vlady!  Okay, how about a sandbox and a swing.  We had an old unused frame for a swing just down the parking lot.  We talked to a few of the neighbourhood moms and "got permission" and then went to work.  Vlady called our boys from Jeremiah House and offered them a job and a chance to learn some new Life Skills.

1.  Get tires and line the sand box.
2.  Order sand.
3.  Paint tires
4.  Dig up old swing frame and move to new location.  Make new bar for across the top, make swings and set swing in cement.
5.  Paint swing set.
6.  Watch children play.

Well, we used to have about four or five kids play - now we have up towards 20 - 19 has been the norm lately.  And
7.  Mom gets a picture made for he - see the Thank You Very Much picture.  Two little boys came knocking at our door and handed this to mom!
8.  We see dads bringing their little children to play.  YES! This is something we don't often see here.
9.  We now have lots of moms sitting around on the tires watching their children - and talking to each other.  Community building!
10. Babushkas remind children to take turns on the swing.  Sit on the benches and watch the children play.  Oh gotta add some more numbers.
11.  Fix benches as requested by babushkas.
12.  Paint benches.

The card the children brought.
The Playground - next?  A slide and benches for the moms and dads?
Just pure joy - look at the swing!

And this was made on one corner of the playground...Cement in the tire and the stones
cemented in to make this lovely large cement turtle!
Jonabeck painting a bench as requested by a babushka.

Vlady replaced bench boards and the boys painted - as requested by a babushka!

Vlady did play as well!

Maybe we could put in a slide for the kids - and benches for the moms and dads who come and watch their children.  They are talking to one another too!

Maybe we will even see a "block party" some day.

Community, relationships and good neighbours.
Sharing the Love of Jesus
even without language!

Matthew 19:14
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

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