Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Costa and Olga have been serving in Kyrgyzstan with their two children for two years. It is time for them to visit their homeland - Ukraine.  Please read their letter below and consider helping them make this trip.

It’s been almost two years since our family moved to Kyrgyzstan. These two years have past by quickly.
We have been serving children and families, and God was teaching us a lot. These two years have been an incredible blessing for us, and we hope that we were a blessing to all those who we served, and will be serving…
Last summer our parents visited us in Kyrgyzstan and this year we felt the need to visit our families and friends in Ukraine. All of you who were fallowing the news and my posts, noticed what was happening in Ukraine.  This was deep into our hearts.  We have been praying and waiting for God’s answer for the right time for us to visit Ukraine, and both of us felt that now is the time. 

We are going home for one month.  We need some time of restoration, want our birth children to see their grandparents and familiar places (very important for Mark, all these months he was talking about flying to Ukraine, to our “little home” as he is saying…).  We want to spend time with our friends, our church, we want to share our hearts about what we do in Kyrgyzstan, with those persons dear to us in Ukraine.
We believe that it is right time for us.  So our plan is to fly to Ukraine in the middle of July, and come back to Kyrgyzstan in the middle of August.
I thank all of you, who supported us all this time, for your prayers and support.  You can continue praying for our trip, for financial provision, for safety, and for an opportunity to be a blessing for those who we are going to visit back home. 
We are raising funds right now, for our tickets, so if someone will have a desire to help with that, you can donate through the blog or contact us.
We are grateful for having so many friends, grateful for your support, grateful for being a part of such a great heavenly family, grateful for an opportunity to serve those who need it the most.
Olga and Constantine

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