Sunday, September 29, 2013


Olga brings the message to Ohio

.... leadership is moving forward in mighty ways.  First, there was the creation of a strategic action plan from the first conference - a creation of partners, a facilitation team and full forward movement for casting the vision for the future.

Ruslan Maliuta is the international facilitator for WWO and many others are working tirelessly to see the dream become a reality.  Let me outline some of the LAMb and IHS involvement with this movement:

1.  We had four persons attend training at TBRI in Texas. They were trained in how to work with children and their families where psychological trauma has occurred.  The training ended on Friday.

2.  Olga - our Kyrgyzstan residential director and Dayspring Mom then traveled to Ohio to share with two different churches about the needs of the orphan and thank the supporters for their efforts in helping with Dayspring, Jeremiah House and Discovery.

3.  On Tuesday, we will be having a meeting in Columbus, Ohio with leaders of key ministries and churches coming from all over - including Ukraine.  We will be meeting to develop a model for working with graduating orphans and a model for delivering training and coaching to national (churches, ministries and NGO's) who are ready to take WWO to the next level.  We are working with Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO), Institute for Human Services (IHS), and World Without Orphans (WWO).

4. A comprehensive guide to helping churches in implementing strategies that are critical to the movement of WWO.  We will be presenting this guide in October at a conference in Thailand and planning session for WWO.  The guide is presently a draft and will not be revealed until the conference in October.  It was written by IHS Program Manager, Judy Rycus.  The formatting and preparation work for the conference was done by Ruslan Maliuta in Ukraine.  We are so excited to be working toward an implementation effort of HELPING!  AND WE ARE EVER MINDFUL OF HOW HELPING CAN HURT, if plans are not carefully put into place.

5.  Finding the team?  Lynn and Ruby in Kyrgyzstan for Christmas.  Then back to Kyrgyzstan in February till June.  Jayne and David traveling to Russia in the spring.   Glen and Paul in Nicaragua for a week in October.  And so much more we will have to report later.  

6.  GOAL - keep Lynn and Ruby out of North America...want to help that happen?  We can tell you how.

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