Thursday, September 12, 2013


World Without Orphans in India was filled with moments of extremes.  Traveling and witnessing the growth in the cities, the many people, the exceptional kindness of everyone we met,  along side of the poverty and needs that were before us everyday, could not settle in our hearts without both sorrow and joy.

Our wonderful coordinators; Bobby, Sheela and Geeta were filled with joy and happiness to show us their city, their orphanage and conduct the conference they coordinated to bring leaders in their state together to better understand the plight of the orphan.

Yet, this one conference in this one city and state, seems like such a small strategy considering the enormous size of the country.  When hearing their plans - celebrating Orphan Sunday in November, planning to meet soon and discuss how the churches can work together on a plan to make a difference, we left knowing that THEY the nationals are mobilized to make a difference.  And they WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE - one child, one family at a time.

Ruslan and I were but a small piece of a very large picture - we were allowed to be a little spark -  to share our hearts with them and to then leave encouraging them knowing they will not rest - will not be complacent and WILL DO SOMETHING!

The beauty in India is seen  in all walks of life!

The contrast between old and new is piercing to the soul.

And a woman traveling alone is well protected by the India finest!

School children on the streets.

Transportation in many ways.

The conference - 190 plus participants from around the state of Andra Pradesh, India.

Ruslan in prayer for Bobbie, Sheela and Geeta - the coordinators.

Fitted and gifted with a sari from Bobbi, Sheela and Geeta.  My conference attire.

The contrasts - next to a lovely apartment building.

At the Trauma Training - each youth had a story.  All now in University.

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