Saturday, September 29, 2012


Children of Karakol!

Working together - learning life skills.

Everyone is part of the team at Karakol!

Jayne working with Karakol staff.

David's turn.

Our Karakol graduates!

David and Jayne conducted three days of intensive training at the Karakol orphanage - a six hour drive from our home base in Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan.  This training was critical skill building for the staff in the area of becoming Trauma Informed Caregivers - working with children who have suffered trauma in their past.  As expected, the training was received with much gratitude.  This following letter give us great joy to see not only was the training received well, but has been not the focus of implementation.  TRAINING WITH OUT CHANGE IN BEHAVIOR IS WORTHLESS...THIS TRAINING IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

See the note below from Andrey - the director of the Karakol Orphanage.

Hello Our Dear Friends Dear Ms.Ruby & Dear Mr. Lynn!

We want to say Thank you very much for that blessings training for our staff all our workers were so blessed, got many good ways how working with our children from Orphanage, it was amazing time with Dear Mr.David & Dear Ms. Jane very good people, kind, good example for us.

Our staff said they started using that's methods in personals families, it is working, every body were happy, it was like fresh water you drank in desert, thank you very much.

We will happy to continue work with you, we vey opened, please come to Karakol you will be our special frieds and part of our big family!

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