Friday, September 14, 2012


David and Jayne Schooler have maintained a very busy schedule.  Our LAMb team members are serving every day in different areas - conducting important training in the area of Trauma.  So many children in Kyrgyzstan have been victims of trauma and those persons caring for them in the orphanages have not been trained or prepared to help the child heal.  More often than not - the child's behavior is viewed a "misbehavior" and not recognized as behavior related to the impact of trauma.  David and Jayne are serving every day they are there - training and consulting on the topic.  LAMb has started the series on Trauma and will continue with a third part early in 2013.  In addition, we will be moving forward to carry this very important training series to our NGO's and professional caregivers in the different orphanages in Ukraine, starting in early 2013.
You remember the plea for help for the camp for the children of Karakul.  Well, here is the picture of the happy campers.  The director and now friend Andrey wants us to thank you LOUDLY for the financial support to make this happen....we were even able to get them some school supplies...see the last picture in this post!

Costa and Olga are  doing a fabulous job at Dayspring with our little girls.  Here in this picture our staff member Madlin is helping Jenya do her homework.  The help is proving to be very successful as our children are bringing home good grades - just think these little girls are being supported for success - encouraged to learn and loved each and every day.  We are so pleased with our staff in Kyrgyzstan.  They also want to thank you for your support and prayers.

David and Jayne have clearly given the message to the caregivers in this orphanage - YOU MUST LOOK AT A CHILD THROUGH THEIR LENS.  Part of the trauma training.

And of course our Karakul kids - this picture from Andrew - they say THANK YOU SPONSORS...

We have been quiet the last while - spending time with family medical issues.  Ruby's mother just had surgery and Don remains in hospital.  Ruby's mother will undergo two more major surgeries and we do appreciate your prayers and concerns for her and the family.

Yet, tomorrow Ruby leaves for Ukraine and in just two weeks Lynn will be heading to Ukraine with Ruby and then on to Kyrgyzstan and Siberia.  Both Lynn and Ruby have an aggressive traveling and training schedule over the next several months.

This next week Ruby will be in Ukraine delivering a Key Note speech for a conference on Child Sexual Abuse and following that will be conducting a training on caring for the sexually abused child.  Joining her, we have invited an expert from Ohio - Dr. Georgette Constintino.  Georgette will also be delivering a Key Note speech for the conference.    This conference is being conducted in partnership with ILDC and a University in Kiev.

We will be delivering LIFE SKILL training of trainers in Novokunusk, Siberia for Pastor Ilya and Janet Bansteev, training on leadership in Ukraine with Alliance Ukraine Without Orphans and just a lot more work in developing a MAJOR PROJECT CALLED JEREMIAH PROJECT.

And our next Short Term Mission Trip Opportunity!

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