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LAMb International is committed to a 


Yet, how can this happen?

We must cover the river - and it is both difficult and confusing.  Our work can be difficult, complicated and not always understood on one side of the river only.  Let me explain:

1.  In Ukraine we have an entire project called Adopt Ukraine.  Our staff work deligently speaking to churches and telling people about the children in orphanages.  They then are there to answer questions and help nationals follow up with volunteering and even becoming adoptive parents.
2.  We work closely with two different groups who help children to be adopted internationally, including helping them with different laison work where we can.
3.  Our organization in Ukraine - ILDC is committed to training government workers, NGO staff, prospective parents and church leaders who are working with children and families.
4.  We work both sides of the ocean as an advocate for adoption - nationally and internationally. We know it is and injustice for us to do only one or the other - we must cover the river if we are to see a Ukraine Without Orphans.  Unfortunately we are just a small fish in a great big sea.  We cannot alter the present sitaution for ever person, but we can and have seen a difference made for many different children.

LAMb is and always will be committed to covering the river.  We work with deligence to help where needs surface, to aide when we can, and to serve those childen who are the most vulnerable of society.  We want children to have famililes.  Our hearts are torn out for those who are still in the orphanages - who see families come and go with adopted children, when we see the cry of the orphan - "will you be my mother?"

LAMb International and CBN are once again sponsoring a conference in Ukraine - the second of such conferences - it is to bring families who have adopted together to gain support, receive knowledge and to enjoy each other as they share their stories of how they have become a family.  This conference - March 30 - April 1 will bring over 200 people together and will be once again giving a message - ADOPTION IS WONDERFUL AND we can work together to see a UKRAINE WITHOUT orphans.

We are NOT AN ADOPTION agency - we are advocates of adoption - INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL.  We are adoptive parents, our speakers will all be adoptive parents, as will all our workshop leaders.  And as we come together in a country where there is the Law of Secrecy about adoption, we are thrilled that over 200 (100 families) will step out into the public and say - I have created family through adoption!

Covering the river is our passion - supporting any and all who work on the river our goal.  Together we can support one another and together we can see children have families and the orphanages of yesterday, changed into better use.  Together we can make a difference in the world - ONE STEP AT A TIME WITH A PASSION FOR A WORLD WITHOUT ORPHANS.

The LAMb Team

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