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ACEL SENT US THE PICTURE OF THE BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR ANYA!  When you have a family - and you turn from one year to the next, the common activity is a birthday party just for you.  However children who grow up in orphanages often do not see such an event.  Even children from crisis families sometimes do not or cannot not celebrate a child's birthday.  We even have posted before where some children do not even know when their birthdate is.  Sad but true.  Maybe a small thing, but very important to our Dayspring children.

Acel and Talant know how to celebrate all special events for children - birthdays, snow days to go sledding, great walks with stories and play with the entire family involved.  We are so honoured to have this family and to know you care.

Just wanted you to know - ANYA IS NOW SEVEN!

(Dayspring is a pilot project for girls ((our first such program - we hope for more)) - diverting them from the orphanages and bringing them to a family who will love and care for them.  We will work to ensure permanence for the children who come to Dayspring and divert them from ever going to an orphanage. Our hope is to work with families who are in crisis and help where we can. We will help find rehabilitation programs, work, or even housing when families show they are willing to work to regain a healthy lifestyle for their family and children.  Dayspring is our first such program - we work with government to find adoptive homes, train prospective national adoptive families and financially support approved families through the costs of adopting in their country. - LAMb International believes in A WORLD WITHOUT ORPHANS.  We partner with strong partners who also believe:  Alliance Ukraine Without Orphans, ILDC - Ukraine, ILDC - Kyrgyzstan, One Hope - Ukraine, Partnership 4 Every Child - Ukraine, CBN - Ukraine, Adopt Ukraine, Child Rights Defenders League - Kyrgyzstan, Crosslinks - Kyrgyzstan, etc.  We believe!)

The LAMb Team

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