Thursday, February 23, 2012


 Dayspring Dasha with brother visiting  together at Larissa's home.  

 Our newly hired Tanya working preparing food for seniors and disabled.

Seniors getting new boots.  The men received the new boots - now the women asked for them.

LARISSA IS OUR LITTLE ANGEL IN KYRGYZSTAN - but has great difficulty reporting to us how she is using resources we send her.  We see the results and hear about the results, she just does not have TIME to report to us.  We hired Larissa about one year ago - and what a blessing she is to all.  She has always done what she is now hired to do.  SERVE!  She just does not have time to keep records.


We just received a huge report from Tanya and lots of pictures.  (Tanya is a great photographer!).  Once you ready Tanya's report - you will understand why Larissa has a hard time making report.  What a great idea it was to hire Tanya to track her.   Here goes - this is the recent report from Tanya:

Dear Lynn and Ruby,

Larisa has many works especially in invalid men’s home in February and March every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday she is in Bishkek and Tokmok make  passports and documents for men.

When Larissa  finish make passports and documents for men they can have pension. Men live in invalid house all there life but they haven’t documents and pensions it big problems for men. Larissa spend a lot of time and money for their documents and this is very difficult process.

Every Thursday we have English class and after we are go in room for men and draw, sing a song, craft and, talk.

Every  Friday  we are in Bazar in Tokmok to buy all necessary for prepare  food.  After we are at home prepare food for invalids houses men in ISKRA and CHIMKURGON villages only for tuberculosis men.  In Iskra village there are 40 men T.B. in invalid house. In Chimkurgon village there are  45 men T.B in invalid house. They are die because they haven’t normal foods, normal medicine. 

Every Saturday we give food for T.B men. And pray with men.

Every Sunday we have service  in invalid house .

Every day we give vitamins in invalid house.

In invalid house very cold and walls cover with water and damp in the dining room and therefore we can’t begin repair walls in the dining room. We bought some building  materials for dining room.  Soon will be warm and we begin repair .

Beautiful child Genya  (our little girl at Dayspring) was at our house and we prepared for her surprise which she long time wait.  (They got her brother out of another orphanage for the day so the children could visit togetherThey was very glad when they saw each other.  He lives in Red river. 
Today Early morning  we prepared tasty food Beshbarmak.  Bought 5 cakes,3 kilo chocolate, Boots, socks. And with glad journey.    And take men from men’s house.  When we arrived in Keminn we sow very sad faces.  We so much spoke,prayed for their needs.  They was  sincerely  repented. And I saw pure tears from heart. It first  time in their life they ate bread and drank wine. I saw like Lord touch their hearts. Misha On a guitar glorified God and sang  songs which had written . Aldar, Zamir, Almaz  spoke about yourself  like God had changed their life. 

In Kyrgyzstan very cold and this boots was so necessary for them because they was in Slippers. And they was so glad this boots.  We bought 15 pairs boots for grand fathers . And grandmothers told that they are wants warm boods like grand fathers foods. After we went had supper . All  people was happy . We spoke , communicated, joke. All was happy and glad. All give you regards.



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