Sunday, December 5, 2010


Anya and Oleg presenting to potential partners of ILDC.

We are excited about the work of Adopt Ukraine. This project/activity of LAMb has been very inspirational and successful. Vika Melinchenko is our person on the ground in Ukraine that keeps this moving. Right now she is working with 10 families -helping them understand the special needs of the orphans and helping them make an informed decision about adoption. We will be gathering her pictures and stories this week as we work together to make our next plans for promoting adoption through presentations in the churches.

Lots happening in Ukraine this week and the weeks to come for the rest of the year!

1. Leadership Training - for the NGO Every Child.
2. Strategic Planning with the NGO - Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans
3. Working with ILDC staff in preparing for training, consultation, etc.
4. Preparing for the upcoming training with the NGO - AGAPE in Kherson, Ukraine
5. Presentation of numerous trainings around the country - now BEING DONE BY TRAINERS WHOM WE HAVE TRAINED - NATIONALS DOING THE WORK!

Finally, we return the end of the week from Ukraine and then are heading to Brazil to be with family over Christmas. We pray blessings for each of you during this wonderful season celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Stay tuned for another update from KG and the following of the matched funding! Watch our growth on the left side of the blog! We are moving toward a successful completion of the match - there is still a need for more to join in - might you want to take the challenge? Here is how:

FIRST - meet the pie challenge of our team members John and Julie Wright - go the their blog and donate or join the challenge:

SECOND - hit the Canada Helps button on the left side of this blog and donate here.

ALL GO TOWARDS THE MATCHED FUNDS - REMEMBER THIS FUNDER IS ANONYMOUS AND HAS OFFERED $25,000 in matched funds. So, we raise $25,000 and the funder puts in another $25,000.

Thanks for your support!!!!

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