Wednesday, December 23, 2009


REGISTERED AS A CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION IN CANADA - we just received word that we received our registration as a charitable organization. This means we are able to once again BLOG. WE ARE BACK.

UKRAINE - DECEMBER - McDonalds Event

We just had the most amazing time with over 50 children from Father's House in Kiev, Ukraine going to McDonalds. This event was paid for by Ed Dickson, from Loads of Love in connection with his famous event each year called McJoyful Christmas. Ed joined us with his family and gave a wonderful little talk to the children about being special. He shared that they came from the Heavenly Father God, through their parents to serve here on earth in the special way that God had in mind for them. Wow. One litte boy came up to Ed after the event and thanked him for saying those words.

It was a very exciting time for the children and staff from Father's House. Praise God for you all - our sponsors in prayer and financial resources. None of us could do this without you....

The LAMb Team

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David and Jayne Schooler said...

YEAH! What a great start to the new year...the journey gets even more exciting

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