Friday, February 13, 2015



Orphanism has a face.
Sometimes it's easy to sit at home and talk about orphans. You know how that can go, but face to face, hand to hand, hug to hug, each orphan has not simply a face, but a hope and a dream that some day, someone, will care enough to do something.

Here, at the Abode of Peace, an orphanage here in India, 150 children live in hope. Cared for by a loving couple and a few staff. Living in one rented room and depending on God through the power of prayer to provide. To provide food, clothing and hope. What a blessing it would be to be able to actually purchase this entire building and make a "permanent" home for these children. It is beyond their means, it is beyond our means, but it is not beyond hope.

Face to face, my heart strains at the extremes to minister, to help, to join with them in hope.
I could post pictures here, but I will not. You have seen them, but was it personal?
Face to face it is impossible to turn your back, to turn away, to ignore them.
Face to face, it is real.
Face to face church, the call is there, the children are real, the need is great.
Together we can make a difference.
Face to face, arm in arm, we can walk with these precious children. What a delight to see their faces light up with a smile.

Yes, orphanism has a face.
We need to be careful not to be overwhelmed. One face, one child, one family at a time and hope spreads. The dream begins to come true. Every child deserves a loving family.
Orphanism has a face, it is the face of a child wanting the love of a family.

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