Thursday, October 24, 2013


Committed to Making a Difference
Ephesians 4:12

Our focus is to....equip and activate....

Clearly across the world, the Holy Spirit has released the call to the church to step up and become active in defending the orphan, making sons and daughters of the King.

The Spirit of Adoption is so prevalent across the lands.  Yet there are many countries that do not allow adoption and others that just don't know how to create a process for adoption.  Over the last couple of months, LAMb International has been involved with the WORLD WITHOUT ORPHANS team sharing and encouraging countries in their own movement to STAND for the orphan.  In order to give you a little update, we are sending you a copy of the update newsletter from WWO.  It will help you to understand some of the movement. 

The movement of WWO is not just about adoption.  It is about many different ways you or the church can become involved in defending the orphan - and helping children leave the state of orphanhood and come into the Kingdom of Heaven as Sons and Daughters of their Heavenly Father.  The church is getting the call and each and everyone of us CAN do something!

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