Monday, May 13, 2013



Heading to Ukraine on Saturday.  Lynn and I will be conducting training in the area of Trauma.  

Over the years it has become more and more apparent that children who have been adopted from the orphanages have experienced trauma that impacts their lives dramatically.  When families and/or caregivers live with children who have been victims of trauma, it can be both challenging and confusing.  What do I do?  What does this mean?  Can I help?  Many questions surface.

But there is HELP.  The work of many experts have surfaced strong, effective approaches to children and their pain.  We are honored to be able to share this with our families in the countries where we are working.  The goal of course is to help parents and caregivers become Trauma Competent Healing Homes...

Our team members Pastor David and Jayne Schooler have worked tirelessly to pull together quality tools that can be used in training.  We are blessed to have the permission of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network and Dr. Karen Purvis to use materials and publications that will support these training efforts we put fort.

Saturday we leave to deliver training to Christian adoptive parents and caregivers in Ukraine.  Here is our schedule.

May 19 - arrive Kiev
May 22-23 – Crimea - TRAUMA
May 24-25 – Kherson  - TRAUMA
May 26-27 – Nikolaev - TRAUMA
May 28-29 – Kherson – TRAUMA
May 30 – back in Nikolaev to be presenters on the conference Nikolaev Without Orphans – ABOUT TRAUMA
June 1-3  Kiev to work with ILDC Staff

Following our time in Ukraine - Jayne and David will arrive in Ukraine - working with prospective trainers - helping them prepare to conduct the trainings in Trauma we conduct.  It is yet another way to ensure we build capacity in the country - where they are NOT dependent upon foreign workers.

Jayne and David will then head on to Poland to deliver training in the area of Trauma Competent Healing Homes (Caregivers). 

We are most grateful to Orphan Promise and My Home for making much of this possible! 

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