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JEREMIAH PROJECT - youth who will be graduating from a local orphanage.  Kosta is conducting a "help session" with the youth.  Each of these youth will be leaving the orphanage next month.  Where will they go?  Who will help them.  We pray Jeremiah Project can be a help to each of them.

LIFE SKILLS AT RED RIVER ORPHANAGE - This training is weekly.  There are 10 youth and they are very happy and excited to be involved with the program.  Here, Katya, our team member works with youth on "manners."

LIFE SKILL PROJECT AT RED RIVER ORPHANAGE -We pray the pilot goes well.  As after this pilot we will evaluate and if all is successful, these youth will continue with the training and there will be another group started.  We have two great team members working here - Katya and Ira.  Please continue to pray for this great program.


DAYSPRING LIFE SKILLS - we decided that the children needed to learn about money.  They get NO money in their hands, so we decided to give them a monthly allowance.  Here they are holding 100 coms (about $2.00).  They will learn to put 10% into a giving jar; 10% to save; 10% to put aside for needs and 70% for their use.  Both Jeremiah House and Dayspring will now be receiving an allowance to learn how to budget.

KEMIN SENIOR HOME - The Dayspring Family went to the senior home to perform for them for an Easter program.  They shared God, and here they are praying for the seniors.  Again, teaching them to serve, another Life Skill outreach.

DAYSPRING AND JEREMIAH HOUSE GARDENS - The children will learn to plant, care for and harvest their own gardens.  Life Skills being learned - how to grow your own food.

We have been away from the internet for some time.  After losing our co-founder Don, we focused back into family and friends as we said good bye to our dear brother and team member.  

And today, we return to share the joy of what is continuing on in Kyrgyzstan.  Our team on the ground there is doing awesome work - teaching and equipping our young people for the future.  Let's update some other wonderful news:

1.  Through the efforts of our team members David and Jayne Schooler, we will be sending four people to Texas this fall to be trained in TBRI (Trust Based Relational Interventions).  This training will prepare our four people to become trainers for us in the area of Trauma.  We are sending three persons from Ukraine and one from Kyrgyzstan.  This is a miracle in accomplishment.  
a)  4 full scholarships - worth $10,000.
b)  4 fully paid airline tickets - worth - $5,000
c)  housing for all four from families in the area of the training
d)  showing the Stuck film to raise funds for their food and on the ground expenses

2.  DISCOVERY PROJECT - Olga (our staff) from Kyrgyzstan received a full scholarship to attend a training in Hungary at the end of the month.  She will be going there to learn more about working with children who have disabilities.  This will be a strong foundation to our program in Kyrgyzstan called Discovery.  She will return to do training and support groups for families who have children with disabilities.   In addition, we will use her new learning in our Life Skill program and in our work with the different orphanages where there are children with disabilities.  FULLY FUNDED - worth over $3500.  Grant from organization doing the training...Olga applied for this and was awarded the grant!

3.  UKRAINE - Lynn and Ruby are leaving for Ukraine on May 18th - they will be training in the area of Trauma with Ukraine Christian families who have adopted, working with two different agencies - My Home and Agape.  Training will be conducted in three different locations.

4.  Jayne and David will be heading to Poland in June to conduct training in the area of Trauma.  They will also be doing the same training in Ukraine, working with our prospective trainers in Kiev.


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