Friday, January 6, 2012


OUR TEAM HEADS BACK TO CANADA TOMORROW, LED BY JOHN WRIGHT - THE TIME IN KYRGYZSTAN HAS BEEN A MAJOR SUCCESS. The Christmas Blessing continues even now without the team, as our on the ground volunteers and staff continue to carry out parties and deliver gifts to children. In addition, the vitamins have been sorted and are now being delivered. Vitamins will be delivered to the orphanage monthly to ensure children get the vitamins in an ongoing basis - one a day! Imagine what the benefit will be after a year of a consistent vitamin program. As the team returns, we are gearing up to return. We will be taking a team over this spring as well. If you might want to join us - to help and serve those we serve, please contact us. We need you.
Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful country with beautiful people and they are WAITING! Join us! The LAMb Team

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