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Hi!  This is Kim Gebele . . . a newly appointed board member of LAMb International!  I wanted to post this blog update for Mom and Lynn while they are on vacation - more like a workation but they are relaxing and getting the much needed respite!  God has GREAT things planned for the upcoming year and they will need this rest (and as a daughter, I am glad to see them get a little rest!).

Lying on Your Back Doesn't Mean You Can't Still Minister!

Many of you know that my Uncle Don is a quadriplegic and he along with my Aunt Johanna are part of the founding partners of LAMb.  Over the years Uncle Don has been in and out of the hospital and rehab centers recovering from surgeries, etc.  Each time he and my Aunt Johanna is a blessing to the hospital and rehab staff.  Sometimes, they see for themselves the miracle Uncle Don is as he leaves their care and returns home.  Sometimes (often) defying doctors expectations.  While in their care they bless them with their positive outlook on life and their ability to continue to Praise God for what He as done in my uncle's life and their family.

After all of these years of Uncle Don being a blessing to them (the hospital), they are returning in kind and blessing the work he is part of, blessing LAMb and those they serve.

Here's an email that we just received from Uncle Don!  Praise God!  Kindred staff . . . THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION!

We recently received a donation of 100 stethoscopes!  Over the past 10 or 12 years Don has spent a considerable amount of time at a small local medical facility here in Tucson Arizona.  The administration and staff have been very kind and considerate to us during this time and we have established many friendly relationships.  We often share with them the activities of LAMb International.  They are usually very interested in the conditions, equipment, staff and patients of the hospitals and similar facilities we assist.  Last week, this hospital, Kindred Hospital, donated 100 (yes, 100!) brand-new stethoscopes to LAMb International USA to help the doctors, nurses and therapists at these facilities.  Many thanks to Kindred Hospital of Tucson Arizona and to Dr. Sunil Natrajan, Don pulmonologist who initiated the process.
Don & Johanna Buchman - LAMb International USA

You can be sure that the recipients of these stethoscopes will be blessed!  They will be getting something that isn't easily obtained in some of the countries that LAMb ministers in.  Some of the hospitals fight to barely survive to serve the needs of their loved ones, neighbors, and communities.  Sometimes with no supplies at all trying to nurse the sick (both children and adults) back to health.

This is indeed a blessing!!!

100 stethoscopes in more than three full boxes!

Steven, a Kindred Hospital staff member, delivering the stethoscopes!

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