Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We met up with our on the ground team on Monday and started planning for our time together.  John and Julie have been here the longest this trip as they arrived in August - Jayne and David a week before us.  All have been going full steam in spite of illness that seems to have "racked" our team.  Let me do a quick update.
Iskra:  them men have completed so much of the renovations it is really exciting.  The rooms are starting to actually be inviting.  The Art Director  Zamir has asked for lots of new items and today we went and picked up lots of canvas boards, paints, and other art supplies for him.  In addition, they have completed another 7 paintings (watch for the virtual tour of the home - coming soon.)
Kemin:  they are growing and need more beds and some cozy chairs for the family visiting area.  Two grandmothers have gone home with children!  We are thrilled about this.  And the video on the blog shows Olga smiling - as she does now when we arrive.  She especially smiles as she talks about Cassaundra.  In fact that was the very first thing she asked - "Where is Cassaundra!"  What an impression team members make on our lovely seniors.
Child Rights Defender League - setting up training with them.
Red River Orphanage - tonight was a birthday party for the September birthdays.  Lynn reminded me of how important it is to guard your phones when with the children - they love to push ALL THE BUTTONS.
Orphanage Circus Day - tomorrow - taking 123 kids to the circus - the team is going to be on guard to keep them all in the tent on their seats and not become an event on the big ring!  Oh my!
Meeting with Mayor's Office tomorrow - about Dayspring Family Life Resource Center; have renos almost finished and will be starting purchasing furniture tomorrow!
David and Jayne are busy with IUCA - teaching three days a week!  The students now trust them and  call on them often for help and counsel.
SOS - Kyrgyzstan - setting up training for them
Humanatarian University - preparing for the upcoming work with them.
Mercy Foundation - they are growing and moving forward in some exciting ways.  The Christian Schools are implementing our Life Skills program in full.  We are thrilled, as we thought they would not be able to do this with the new laws around religion.
This is a quick update - as I am sort of in the same boat as other team members - need to rest now to prepare for the long day tomorrow.

"When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another."  Helen Keller

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