Sunday, September 12, 2010



Imagine, a child coming to Dayspring will be valued as will their family of origin. Dayspring staff will work diligently to find their parents, work with them in hopes of finding a way to reunify child and family. When reunification is not possible, Dayspring staff will seek permanence for each child with a loving family. How could this possibly work?

We will work closely with government, the community and the local churches. We will make the plight of the orphan known. Our local church partner (our primary church partner in Tokmok) will be responsible for coordinating many of the activities of the project. The church we will be working with has been reaching out to orphans and widows for some time. They are the national experts and we want to help them in any way we can.

We are most thankful for our California donor for this project. They funded the purchase of the home and the renovations - now it is time for us to take over and complete the furnishsing of the inside of the home. We need you to help us. And we need monthly donors to ensure the children of Dayspring are well cared for. Are you one of our LAMPLIGHTERS FOR DAYSPRING? You can be by just going to the shower and picking out something to donate or hitting the donate button here in the blog. WOW....LAMPLIGHTERS ARE POPPING UP EVERYWHERE. We have them from across the US and Canada and our very first LAMPLIGHTERS were a group of children from a Sunday School Class in Ohio - from a church of the SAME NAME - DAYSPRING! These children raised $70 by bringing in a quarter at a time!

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