Monday, March 5, 2018


All are safe - damage is medium
Resources needed for damage

The fire started in the chimney and we now have heard the structure of the chimney was faulty.  A neighbor spotted the flames and alerted the family - everyone was able to get out safely and the fire department came and put the fire out.  

The youth were scared - still a bit shaken by the fire and the concerns that have surfaced.  You can imagine, when you are not secure - have been moved around, experienced previous life trauma, what this might do to the emotional state of a youth...and the questions they ask, " Are we going to be moved?" "Will we be able to stay together?"  (Yes they are all together and will NOT be moved.)

They are SAFE and SECURE, however to feel that way is a totally different issue.  Please pray for our youth and family who were living at Jeremiah House.   

The church came together - Pastor Sasha and his team to place plastic around to cover the holes - to keep the snow and rain out.  HOWEVER we must do the repairs right away ....  can you help in this?

Damage to the following:
  • new roof needed
  • new rafters
  • new ceiling in some of the rooms
  • water damage repairs
  • smoke damage - ruining some things
  • furnace checked and replaced where indicated
  • new chimney
We are trying to raise just over $5,000.  We have some of the costs in, but now all of them.  We want to do this right - and time is of importance.

If you are able to help - please go to the donate buttons here in the blog  - or send donations to the address below.  

THE LAMb Team                            

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