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Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan
May  2017 - Report from Zuhra

This month was very busy. The end of the quarter, the end of the school year for school children and students, exams are over.  Of course, everyone is glad to see the end of the year - as they are ready for a great summer.
The Jeremiah/Dayspring family helped the children finish their studies and prepare for the exams.  One amazing news is that Jenya - who ended the year at the top of her class was EXEMPTED from all exams - since she did so well all year long.  She was ecstatic and we are so proud of her.
In the evenings they played board games, weaved with beads, talked, went out for shish kebab, went for a walk to Hawaii ground outside of Tokmok, were guests at a circus, and after the show went to a Chinese restaurant and walked around Bishkek.  This was an awesome month for family time.
Jenya’s brother Aleksei from Red River came to 2 times to visit her at JH/DS. They played Monopoly, watched cartoons, and played ball in the yard. Aleksei was leaving with reluctance.  He was very pleased with the conversation with Jenya during his visit.
The girls did lots of homework over the month and helped in cooking. In the summer they will have a culinary day when they will learn to prepare new dishes and practice those that have already prepared. In addition, Jenya and Sveta had the opportunity to help Sandra at Eagles' Nest Life Skill Farm clean the area of weeds and plant corn with LAMb staff.
And the month ended with ALL successful passing of exams!
Now on to summertime!  This summer - we will have four youth moving into our steps apartments - 2 boys into Dayspring Steps and 2 girls into Jeremiah Steps.  The boys will be completing additional courses at University.  Sveta will work with Sondra at Eagles' Nest Life Skill Farm and Aima will be working a full time job.
The girls at Jeremiah/Dayspring House will be working with Sondra at the Farm and with mom and papa at home in additon to summer activities for all.

Thank you for your partnership!
Jeremiah 29:11 

The LAMb Team

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