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LAMb International

2003 started our international journey for LAMb International - starting with Ukraine - conducting training in orphanages, churches and with other organizations.  We offered best practice child welfare training, leadership training and discipleship.   Little did we know what the beginning of our journey would lead to.  HERE IS JUST A GLIMPSE ...

Here it is 2016 - 13 years later and LAMb has:
  • Served 26 countries sharing and training
  • Loved and nurtured100's of children who have been exploited, orphaned and left vulnerable
  • Registered ILDC in Ukraine over 8 years ago.   
    • Partnered with IHS, Father's House and Christian Broadcasting Network to register the training center in Ukraine, which is now the "go to" place for child welfare training for the country, has an amazing team of trainers who are traveling across the country to ensure children and families are strengthened, that workers are equipped to do the family-based work to keep families together.  
  • Registered ILDC in Kyrgyzstan over 8 years ago.
  • Opened Dayspring in Kyrgyzstan.
    • A pilot project to demonstrate children who would otherwise have gone to an orphanage CAN be reunited, adopted and permanency can be found for them.
    • Have reunited 17 youth back with their families
  • Opened Jeremiah 29:11 program in Kyrgyzstan.
    • Developing a program to help youth who are graduating from the orphanages and have no place to go and want our help
  • Sponsored 14 youth to college or university from our programs in Kyrgyzstan
  • Completed two adoptions for older youth from our programs in Kyrgyzstan and now working on the third
  • Developed a one-year certification program for the Biskek Humanities University
    • Worked with a partner to bring this program to completion using Institute for Human Services - best practice training core along with the Field Guide to Child Welfare to be used as the text book for this program
    • This is part of their 5-year degree for Social Work
  • Trained trainers across the globe to go forth and train in the area of Trauma Informed Care - presently conducting training in their own country or region, examples:
    • South Africa - 5 new trainers
    • Botswana - 2 trainers in Gabarone and 2 trainers in Maun
    • Bangladesh - 5 trainers working across the country
    • India - 8 trainers
    • Tajikistan - 9 trainers
    • etc. 
  • Trained government workers across the globe, in best practice and evidence-based knowledge - to raise the level of care for vulnerable, exploited and orphaned children
  • Conducted three major vision casting conferences (and several smaller ones) in Kyrgyzstan to bring awareness to children needing families - not orphanages
  • Developed best practice training program for working with Crisis Families for church workers in Ukraine - completed for the organization - Alliance Ukraine Without Orphans
    • Risk to Resiliency  - 10 sessions
  • Implemented a 5-day training program for medical workers in Kazakhstan who are working with vulnerable and exploited children - bringing a social behavioral model into their present medical model
  • Provided food, shelter, a home, jobs, and many other resources for seniors, homeless, and needy persons to bring hope and dignity to their lives
  • Sponsored numerous renovations in a senior home and in a home for disabled persons in Kyrgyzstan
  • Shared the Work of God in churches across the globe - in countries where we have served 
  • Developed a three-year comprehensive training program for organizations serving orphanages in Nicaragua, Tajikistan, Peru
  • Developed a comprehensive Life Skill Training program with our partner CBN of Ukraine
  • Registered LAMb International USA - as a 501c(3) a partner organization to the Canadian Registered LAMb International Canada

  • Finding families for children in care - focus on de-institutionalization
  • Opening a new Foster and Adoptive Family Training Center in Kyrgyzstan
  • New training organization in Bangladesh
  • Partnering to develop a new Trauma Center in India
  • Developing a comprehensive Scouting Program from vulnerable youth in Kyrgyzstan to accompany our Eagles Nest Project
  • More adoptions of older youth - a comprehensive focus in Kyrgyzstan to see this happen
  • and more.....

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